About Us

AlulA Aerospace, LLC was formed in June 2015 in reaction to a tragic event: the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. It seemed strange that in this modern connected world a Boeing 777 could vanish without ever confirming the underlying cause. We found this to be an unacceptable conclusion. In 2017 we were selected by Airbus to join their Bizlab start-up accelerator program.

Product Description

AlulA’s mission is to provide a cost effective, universal solution for aircraft data streaming . AlulA offers a unique system to affordably broadcast aircraft data in real-time, which we refer to as beyond 4D (beyon4d).

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Infrastructure costs still make data communications expensive. AlulA is disrupting traditional telecommunications as we know it by developing an innovative, patented system comprised of a network of the tiny crowd-sourced antennas receivers which allows an eclectic mix of end users to retrieve real time aircraft health data radically cheaper than any other means currently available. Mesh networking has finally arrived.