The AlulA System


AlulA Vision: To propel the future of aviation into a new direction.
AlulA Mission: Provide a cost effective, universal solution for real time aircraft data streaming.

Purpose:  We live in a connected world, airliners should not go missing.  Planes want to speak, and they have a lot to say.

AlulA is quickly developing and certifying a device (the AlulA Heart), that when installed on aircraft will be capable of tapping into and seamlessly streaming critical aircraft data to those who need it the most throughout the entire course of flight…all at a dramatically cheaper rate than any other means.



Who AlulA will serve

AlulA will host a variety of new passenger and crew connectivity capability and possibilities to fleets of all sizes.

Airlines & Lessors

Aircraft Health Management

AlulA will flood the AHM market with the data they crave.

The AlulA Operations Center will have direct input into industry-wide logistical decision making.

Operations Centers & OEMs

  • SOCs / OEMs

    The AlulA Operations Center will feed industry operations centers (AOCs) through direct algorithm inputs, and increased  decision making parameters.  The ability to integrate into any T/M/S grants AlulA the luxury of servicing a much broader variety of AOCs and OEMs.

  • Airports

    AlulA will service airports by decreasing gate times of aircraft and improving timeliness of operations.  The ability to anticipate unplanned maintenance prior to landing will expedite airport operations significantly.

  • Airlines / Lessors

    AlulA’s universal data streaming solution will be capable of widening profit margins of all large commercial aircraft users across the entire industry regardless of who manufactured or owns the aircraft . AlulA can do this because it will not be dependent on costly infrastructure, nor will it be limited to specific T/M/S aircraft. AlulA will utilize only MEL equipment.

  • AlulA Heart

    The AlulA Heart is a device which will universally integrate quickly and seamlessly into any type, model, series aircraft.  This system will not be founded solely on the the costly ACARS or SATCOM networks. Rather, we will incorporate into the largest under-utilized aircraft communications network ever realized

  • AlulA Operations Center

    AlulA automated AlulA Operations Center (AOC) will tailor and scale data exactly to the end-users format and requirements.  The AlulA data feed will primarily be crowd sourced via an already widely proliferated, freeware-based platform and infrastructure. This gives AlulA the ability to essentially name its price…and the price will be radically less than anything ever seen.


Things are picking up...

Aug 12th, 2016 Hot? We’re only getting warmed up. Thanks Investopedia!

AlulA was chosen, among a distinguished group as one of 10 hottest startups in 2016.

Apr 20th, 2016 Traction

AlulA named one of 8 hottest new startups to watch in 2016.

Apr 8th, 2016 AlulA takes home the grand prize!

In the graduate student category, Joe Rjeili, Jason Keasler, and Thomas Byrd took home the University of Miami Business Plan ..


The Talent

  • Jason KEASLER

    Co-Founder, CFO

  • Thomas BYRD

    Co-Founder, CEO

  • Joe RJEILI

    Co-Founder, CTO


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